Spray Foam Insulation in Worthing

We provide an effective Spray Foam Insulation Service in Worthing & the surrounding areas. Ideal for domestic & commercial buildings & new builds.
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Professional Spray Foam Insulation Installers

We are specialist spray foam installers, working across the Worthing, Brighton and wider East and West Sussex area. Our dedicated fitters have many years of experience in the installation of spray foam insulation.

What Spray Foam do you install?

We install Icynene spray foam which is one of the leading choices for insulation in commercial structures. In our many years of business we have insulated a huge range of businesses, new builds, construction sites and domestic properties.

Icynene spray foam comprises of a two part liquid and can be used in a range of different parts of a building. These include: roofs, lofts, floors and walls. Providing complete air tightness, we use our expert application to install the system into more difficult to reach areas. In just one application, we can air-seal your property or building and completely insulate it.

Icynene is a leader in the market of spray foam. Offering exceptional temperature regulation properties, it can provide savings of up to 50% on energy bills.

Domestic & Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

We install spray foam in both commercial and domestic properties in Worthing. Our insulation meets all building regulations and as certified installers our insulation is covered by a 25 year manufacturers guarantee.


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The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • Cost Effective - save up to 50% on energy bills
  • Energy Efficient - great for energy conservation
  • Fast Installation - insulate an entire building in one day
  • Reduced Noise Pollution - exceptional sound proofing
  • Lifetime Warranty - 25 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Low Condensation - reduces condensation

Due to the many benefits and the fact it is highly durable and versatile, spray foam insulation has become increasingly popular with developers, builders and architects. Not only this, due to its exceptional energy efficiency and subsequent cost-effectiveness, spray foam offers a great sustainable solution.

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Commercial Spray Insulation

Commercial Insulation in Worthing

Commercial premises often suffer from issues with condensation due to inefficient insulation. Causing electricity bills to rise due to excessive heat loss, spray foam offers the perfect solution as it seals the building, keeping warm air in and the cold air out.

Our spray foam application does not require the roof of your building to be replaced or refurbished, providing additional cost savings. Regardless of the material of your roof, whether it is comprised of steel, asbestos (encapsulating) or aluminium, we can install spray foam insulation.

Approved Icynene Insulation Contractors

We are certified and partnered with the best names in the industry including: ICYNENE, BBA, the Energy Saving Trust and Huntsman Building Solutions. Part of these certifications require independent assessments in order to verify our work and processes. Further reassurance that we always uphold the highest industry standards.

Proud to be certified by and partnered with the industry's best.