Concrete Soffits & Car ParK Insulation

Fast, efficient and cost effective insulation
soffit insulation

Fast, Efficient & Cost Effective

Easily and quickly installed our closed cell spray foam insulation adheres permanently to all substrates with a seamless finish and is able to meet required U Values and complies with all building regulations.

Our aim is to provide a fast, efficient and cost effective insulation and air tightness solution, to greatly improve the low energy performance of buildings. For each project, we also provide a free manufacturer’s backed U-Value calculation and condensation risk analysis.

When tested to BS476 part 7 the foam achieves a Class 1 rating with regard to surface spread of flame. (Class 0 also available)

Class O Spray Foam Insulation

Our Class O Spray Foam Insulation system has excellent fire resistant properties, it complies with the requirements for a Class O surface spread of flame.

Our Spray Foam Insulation System combined with an intumescent fire protecting coating achieves a class O surface spread of flame and fire protection. Due to the excellent thermal properties, strinent u-values can be achieved for any building type.

We can provide a free comprehensive U-Value calculation and condensation risk analysis for your project.

concrete soffit insulation

Substation switch rooms

Foam Insulations have carried out many applications of Agrispray, to the underside of power station switch rooms. Closed cell spray foam, Agrispray is an HFCF and CFC free two component, 1:1 ratio, rigid foam system, The requirement is usually 90mm thickness and when tested to BS476 part 7 the foam achieves a Class 1 surface spread of flame.

The benefits of the AGRISPRAY system are:

• rapid installation with no mechanical fixings
• effective high insulation values
• excellent adhesion to any surface
• seamless insulation which eliminates unwanted air leakage,
• effective surface condensation control
• fire rated to BS476 Part 7: Class 1

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Surface Types

Our spray foam insulation can be applied to most surfaces including:


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