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We offer cost effective spray foam insulation in Kent. Foam Insulations are professional, insulation experts, who can take care of your spray foam needs.
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Commercial Spray Foam Contractors Kent

Welcome to Foam Insulations.

We are experienced, spray foam insulation contractors who cover Kent and the surrounding areas. We take pride in offering an experienced, specialist service and are certified installers with in-depth experience in our field. We have a team of skilled installers who have insulated a wide range of commercial and domestic properties throughout the Kent area.

Insured and Approved Installers

Our committed and hardworking team are approved by many of the leading names within the industry, including Energy Saving Trust, Huntsman Building Solutions, ICYNENE, BBA and KIWA. We work in a wide range of buildings including commercial, agricultural and construction sites and all of our jobs are carried out to an exceptional standard.

We use one of the leading insulation products available, ensuring that we provide a high quality solution, whilst providing excellent value for money. Our team at Foam Insulations use the Icynene spray foam solution, which provides a number of excellent advantages, including the fact that it can save you nearly 50% on your heating bills, with its incredible temperature regulation. The spray foam insulation can be utilised in both new build properties, as well as existing homes and commercial properties, so it's the perfect, versatile option.

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Spray Foam Insulation for Commercial Buildings

We use Icynene spray foam, which is a two-part material, perfectly designed for its efficient and effective purpose. The spray foam can be precisely and effectively applied, meaning it can be used in very controlled and defined areas. The spray foam insulation is perfect for all areas, including roofs, walls, underfloors and lofts. When it has been sprayed, it then hardens into a highly efficient solid, air barrier.

Commercial Insulation Experts

Understandably, many commercial buildings commonly have poor insulation and suffer from problems with condensation. This means that the property can have a large amount of heat loss but spray foam insulation can be the ideal solution! The system we use completely air seals your building, helping to conserve the inside temperature and help to reduce your energy costs. Our application techniques can also work around whatever shapes you have within your building, however unusual. This insulation system can also be used on old roofs, without the need for replacement or refurbishment, which can help save on how much work is needed and help to reduce disruption. We can also improve the insulation on all types of roofs, including aluminium, steel and asbestos (encapsulating).

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Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Kent

New Build Insulation in Kent

Thanks to its versatility, spray foam insulation is a popular choice to use for developers, builders and architects. It has impressive energy efficiency, is quick to apply , has a life time warranty and eco friendly properties. Thanks to it's many attributes, it is now the most popular method of insulation on the market. On top of that, it also helps to save money, as less building materials are needed and in turn, produces lower amounts of site waste.

The Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation:
  • Money Saving - you can reduce your bills by up to 50%
  • Save Energy - it offers incredible energy efficiency thanks to their high levels of insulation
  • Fast Installation - we can have most homes insulations in under a day
  • Reduced Noise Pollution - it are excellent for sound proofing
  • Lifetime Warranty Provided - it have a 25 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Less Condensation - it combats condensation

If you would like to find out additional information, or for a FREE QUOTATION, contact us by using the form at the bottom of this page, call us on 0800 783 0004 or email us on info@foaminsulations.co.uk.

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