Tim Shaw

Condensation control for TV presenter Tim Shaw

February 20, 2020
The Project

Tv presenter Tim Shaws filming studio had a problem with condensation dripping from the roof

The Solution

Foam Insulations applied Isothane Duratherm polyurethane closed cell spray foam insulation to the complete roof area, encapsulating the asbestos and eliminating any condensation

Tim Shaw’s review

Tv presenter Tim Shaw (Car Sos, Great Model Railway Challenge). Wow! What can I say? These guys have to be the ABSOLUTE BEST in the UK at getting an amazing finish straight out of the gun. I’ve seen some shoddy jobs, and trust me in saying, if you’re going to get spray foam job done look no further. No mess, bang on time, efficient and quick.

Surface Types

Our spray foam insulation can be applied to most surfaces including: